Sports Magazines: Keeping You Updated

Sports magazines are very popular all year long. They provide the latest information on building and operating the athletic facilities, liability issues, athletic programs etc. These Magazines provide season previews, predictions, and pre-game analysis for professional and college football, basketball, baseball and many more. Someone who loves to know about the latest ongoings buys magazines to advance his knowledge in every sports field. There are many sports magazines published every year in US. Mentioned below are a few titles of interest & are favorite in US:
ESPN Magazine: ESPN Magazine is sports reporting the way it ought to be. ESPN puts the emphasis on match-ups, players to watch for, season previews and predictions, and perspectives from on and off the playing field, all with larger-than-life photography. ESPN features coverage of pro and college football, baseball, basketball, and hockey in every issue. Columns from ESPN Network’s own Dan Patrick, Stuart Scott, and Rich Eisen, as well as athletes themselves, are also included in each issue.
Sporting News Magazine: Sporting News Magazine is America’s Sports Authority Magazine. Weekly analysis and reviews on football, baseball, basketball and hockey…covering college and pro teams. New subscriptions also have special Pre-Season issues too.
Baseball Digest Magazine: For baseball fans interested in big-league baseball.Articles are selected from leading columns from sports pages in newspapers and magazines throughout the country.
No matter, which sport you like, you will have more than one magazine to cover that sport, so it is quite easy to remain updated with the latest happenings & news related to the sport. You just need to subscribe to a good, interesting and knowledgeable sports magazine. Though costs can run high, but still, with a little bit of searching you can get a cheap magazine subscription to any of your favorite titles.

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