Exciting Espn Nba Basketball Video Game

ESPN NBA Basketball is the continuation of the NBA 2K series of basketball games, a franchise that was born on the now-defunct Sega Dreamcast. Despite the series’ relative youth, compared to other basketball franchises, the 2K series has always been known for fantastic graphics and excellent simulation-style gameplay. This year, the developers at Visual Concepts have kept all the hallmarks of their earlier games, and they’ve added a new control system called “isomotion.” This system lets you execute juke moves on offense, and it gives you the ability to counter these jukes on defense. The team has also added a unique gameplay mode called 24/7 that is so addictive, it’s likely that many players will spend more time in 24/7 than playing standard games. If you are planning on buying only one basketball game this year, ESPN NBA Basketball is the one to get.

The ESPN NBA Basketball video game is an improvement on NBA 2K series of basketball games. This game not only has great graphics but also has the ESPN class written all over it. There is also a greater infusion of ESPN brand in the game. The opening menu shows the ESPN studio and the text uses the same fonts that are used on ESPN telecasts. Many of the signature tunes too are the same that you hear on ESPN basketball shows. The players can hear the familiar voice of broadcasters Bill Fitzgerald and Tom Tolbert. Clearly, ESPN looks upon the game as a brand building exercise too.

The designers and animators have worked extra hard in creating the graphics. Most of the players and coaches can be recognized easily. One does not have to look at jersey colors or jersey numbers to identify the player. They look very natural as they dunk a ball or rip a pass. Even the crowd movements are well synchronized. But what is amazing is the research that has gone into creating the video. Jason Kidd is shown blowing his trademark kiss to his son and Karl Malone flips the ball in his hands, exactly the way as he does on the court. The sound quality makes the game come alive. You can hear the squeaks of sneakers, player chatter and crowd noise.

But it is isomotion that sets this game apart from its predecessor, and other basketball games available in the market. This is ESPN’s reply to NBA Live’s freestyle technology, and can be considered almost as good. Isomotion not only helps you conduct defensive play but can also simulate real life play as you go on the offensive.

The game offers you a whole range of features that include full-length seasons, fantasy drafts, trades, and a point cap for all teams. You can even decide how your team will play. It truly is an exciting game, and should be considered by all basketball fans that want to simulate NBA basketball on their screens.

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Watch Sports On Pc – How To Create A Sports Tv Safety-net When Needed!

If living without paid TV or big screen entertainment center or regular television set and you love sports, you can easily make a 100% turnaround when creating a sports on PC system. The upcoming NFL season is near and there’s nothing better than having a reliable safety-net to ensure seeing all the games, even if you do have a television set

It’s a fact the Internet delivers tons of streaming live and on-demand TV channels, radio stations and movies to a PC. But there are 1000s of Worldwide sport channels and videos that can be accessed with a stroke of a key. If you ever get caught somewhere without access to a television, your sports on PC center will ultimately save the day.

Whether or not Internet television and videos have ever sparked an interest, the general consensus is watching Internet TV and videos using a computer has reached a Worldwide appeal, especially among the young (18-30s). But the question is why pursue this if you already have Satellite/Cable TV and big screen entertainment center? Well, there are a few really great advantages here that should be given some serious thought.

Watch Sports on PC – Next Best Thing To Paid TV

For instance, imagine you are somewhere and didn’t have access to a television set or happen to stumble upon one but it was being shared by others who didn’t want to watch the sporting event you wanted to see. Perhaps you may recall this happening at a relative or friend’s house, at college, on a trip, etc. When using the Internet and a PC with a broadband connection, it actually becomes an extra TV set.

The only thing you need to do is find a sporting event of interest when getting access to a sports website. All of these sites include schedules to watch sports on your PC which display the times, dates, and events, including links where to start watching them. Just click the link, sit back, and enjoy the show.

Whatever is of interest–baseball, football, sports soccer online, tennis, boxing, hockey, martial arts, college sports online, nascar racing, horse racing online, etc., the entire sports World becomes your oyster.

Suddenly, you have created a super way to watch sports on your PC that can deliver any favorite sporting event at an instant. Watching sports this way is totally free and legal. You can even choose to pay a small one-time fee to gain access to (for instance) any NFL game previously aired. Just imagine if a sporting event was blacked out locally, Satellite subscription didn’t carry a game, or no paid television to watch a particular game.

The benefits received when creating your own system to watch live sports on your PC are many. You get more savings, variety, freedom, flexibility and mobility when watching Internet sports–whenever than traditional television. In addition, this also means getting access to free movies of any genre, old/recent/current/popular television shows and episodes such as CSI, 24, Fringe, Terminator, Star Trek, Family Guy and 1000s of other entertainment from around the World.

Free Internet content includes, but is not limited to, premium, HDTV, and on-demand channels such as, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, BBC, Discovery, free-HBO, free-ESPN, sports channels and 1000s of other channels from Countries such as US, Canada, UK, and Australia (78+ Countries in all) in different languages.

Searching where to watch sports on Your PC isn’t exactly childsplay but can be made easy when using what is considered to be a newbie-helper. Free Internet content caters to all ages, genders and nationalities whether living at home or on-the-go lifestyles. When using a laptop with an Internet broadband card, this creates a mobile TV to take anywhere doing your travels.

As a result, this also eliminates arguing over the remote, sharing a television set with others, kids/wife/girlfriend/parents hogging the TV, traveling without a television, or having to work and missing a big ballgame. Your PC connects to the Net and will bring more exciting sports media then any traditional television will allow.

The sports on PC technology is here to stay and offers an array of possibilities, not just for the young but for older adults as well. The Internet can deliver 1000s of Worldwide radio stations including sports radio online, music and whatever else to your PC.

So if there is a Satellite TV, big screen entertainment center, or just a regular television set in your household, creating a sports on PC system and connecting it to a television adds another dimension. Surely, this will create quite a sports arsenal that any enthusiast would admire. And for those who are less fortunate and don’t have one or any of the above, creating an Internet Sports computer system offers the next best thing.

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The Top 5 Sports News Web Sites

There are literally thousands of places on the web to get your sports news information. Whether you want the latest headlines, up to the second scores, editorials, or in depth analysis, there are a myriad of choices for you. While some sites only offer one or two of those things, there are several that offer all of those and more. My Top 5 are below:

5. Yahoo! Sports (sports.yahoo.com) – this site is all substance and no flash. It looks essentially the same as it did five years ago. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just doesn’t knock your socks off. Any information that you need is readily available and up to date. Columnists aren’t as well known as the top sites, but they are solid.

4. FOX Sports (msn.foxsports.com) – a few years ago this site was a mess. It was the anti-Yahoo! – all flash and no substance. In the past few years they’ve toned down the flash and increased the substance. The live gamecasts at the top of the page are extremely innovative. For example, for a baseball game you not only see the score, but also an overview of the diamond and what runners are on base. If you are interested in a specific game you can roll your mouse over it and get more details. If FOX keeps innovating like that, they won’t be number 4 for long.

3. Sports Illustrated (sportsillustrated.cnn.com) – this site excels in two things – editorials and rumors. They have THE best writers (they are Sports Illustrated after all) and they do an excellent job of providing tons of content. Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column is absolutely priceless. They also compile a ‘Truth and Rumors’ section for each of the major sports. It’s essentially a compilation of all of the rumors from local newspapers across the country. The best part about it is it’s free, unlike ESPN’s rumors.

2. CBS SportsLine (cbs.sportsline.com) – everything is great about SportsLine – they are often the first to break news, gamecasts are innovative and effective, and for what it’s worth the fantasy sports are the best on the web. Well, they are great at everything except editorials and analysis, and they are horrible at that. Tony Mejia, Dennis Dodd, Pete Prisco, and Greg Doyle are the worst group of sports writers on the web. Where are the editorials from their on-air personalities like Jim Nantz and Billy Packer? ESPN and FOX manage to get their on-air personalities to write, maybe CBS should consider it. Read the comments at the bottom of any article by any of the aforementioned writers and you’ll realize that I’m not the only one that thinks they are horrible.

1. ESPN (www.espn.com) – they are consistently ahead of the curve in every one of the important aspects. They are the worldwide leader in sports and they show no signs of giving up that crown on the web. I commend them for getting their best personalities – John Clayton, Steven A. Smith, Barry Melrose, and Peter Gammons – to write consistently good articles. The only downside is that too much information is hidden in the ‘Insider’, ESPN’s paid service. It’s frustrating to read a headline, click, and then realize that you can’t read the story because you have to pay for it.

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